Good Risk Governance Pays

Good Risk Governance Pays

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The Risk Of Taking Low Maintenance Customers For Granted

Posted in Customer Service, Risk Management
Treating customers poorly makes little sense, assuming a company considers them profitable and wants them to stay. The logic is straightforward. A diversified steady (or better yet growing) source of sales revenue enhances enterprise value and lowers business risk. Yet many organizations still struggle with all things customer service from (1) determining what buyers should receive for their money (2) calculating metrics… Continue Reading

Reputation and the Investment Management Bottom Line

Posted in Customer Service, Disclosure and Transparency, Governance, Investment Consultants, Investment Management, Key Person, Risk Management
Those in the know understand that both qualitative and quantitative factors must be evaluated when estimating enterprise value. The list of appraisal considerations is too long to address in any one discussion. Suffice it to say that one should understand, measure and benchmark multiple facets of an organization’s business such as production processes, distribution channels, sales infrastructure and customer service. A clarity… Continue Reading

Customer Service and the Financial Advisory Industry

Posted in Customer Service, Risk Management, Valuation
Once a company has identified the categories of customers it wants to attract and retain, most people would agree that providing effective service is important. After all, it is hard to expand enterprise value without a healthy growth in cash flow. While this is a truism for nearly all industries, financial advisory executives are thinking hard about this topic right… Continue Reading