Good Risk Governance Pays

Good Risk Governance Pays

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Electronic RFP Process and Fiduciary Duty

Posted in Compliance, Fiduciary Liability, Financial Expert, Investment Management, Pension
As I have mentioned on other occasions, my work as a forensic economist (and sometimes testifying expert witness) has frequently focused on how service providers were selected and then monitored. Always interested in knowing about industry innovations as they occur, I was intrigued to recently learn about a firm called InHub. Founded in 2014 by… Continue Reading

Investment Risk and Litigation

Posted in Compliance, Financial Expert, Investment Management, Litigation, Regulation, Risk Management
For anyone involved in compliance, 2015 may be the year that gives “so much to do, so little time” new meaning. In hs December 10, 2014 “Remarks to the ICI 2014 Securities Law Developments Conference,” Norm Champ describes points to keep in mind. Notable is his mention of risk monitoring as a key area for his… Continue Reading

Expert Networks and Fiduciary Duties

Posted in Disclosure and Transparency, Financial Expert, Hedge Fund, Insider Trading, Pension, Regulation
I was recently asked by an attorney I know for my governance opinion about the use of expert networks. He has a pension fund client that is pondering whether to allocate money to a hedge fund that is a frequent user of expert network services. As is typically the case, I answered “It depends.” Is… Continue Reading

International Network for Financial Litigation Forms to Fight Fraud

Posted in Arbitration, Financial Expert, Fraud, Litigation
According to news accounts published on its website, the International Network for Financial Litigation (“INFL”) boasts twenty-two firms as members. Their goal is to pool information about global rules and regulations, business practices, current litigation and other legal developments as a way to help clients. See “22 Firms Form International Network to Fight Fraud” by… Continue Reading

Susan Mangiero Attends FI360 Insights Conference on Fiduciary Standards of Care for Investors

Posted in Fiduciary Liability, Financial Expert, Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Valuation
Protecting investors and improving the quality of investment advice were once again themes at the ninth annual fi360 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. With two full days of educational content covering 32 distinct topics, the event provided investment advisors with expert insights on improving fiduciaryprocedures, benefits and risks common to investment products, the current state of… Continue Reading

Asset Management Industry Trends For 2013

Posted in Broker Dealers, Compliance, Derivatives, Fiduciary Liability, Financial Expert, FINRA, Governance, Investment Management, Regulation
Life in asset management land will never be the same again. According to “The Future of Asset Management” by Maha Khan Phillips (CFA Institute Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013), operating margins are under pressure, asset growth is anemic, investors are moving away from equity around the world and competitive pressures are not going away. This is bad news… Continue Reading

ERISA Pension Plans: Due Diligence for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds

Posted in Compliance, ERISA, Fees, Financial Expert, Fraud, Governance, Hedge Fund, Litigation, Pension, Private Equity, Risk Management, Valuation
Join me on May 1, 2012 for a timely and interesting program about alternative investment fund due diligence and other considerations for ERISA plan sponsors, their counsel and consultants. Click here for more information. This CLE webinar will provide ERISA and asset management counsel with a review of effective due diligence practices by institutional investors. Best practices… Continue Reading

Pension Risk Management and Governance: Challenges and Opportunities in a New Era

Posted in ERISA, Financial Expert, Governance, Pension, Risk Management
Please join me and fellow panelists on January 24, 2012 fro. 4 to 6 pm for a topical discussion about pension risk management and governance. Given that the last few years have posed unprecedented challenges for plan sponsors, both corporate and public, as well as their asset managers and consultants, life in employee benefit land… Continue Reading

Financial Model Mistakes Can Cost Millions of Dollars

Posted in Financial Expert, Litigation, Risk Management, Valuation
In a recently published article about financial models entitled “Financial Model Mistakes Can Cost Millions of Dollars” (American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Expert Witnesses, May 31, 2011), Dr. Susan Mangiero defines model risk and explains why it is so important. Referencing the recent $242 million enforcement action by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as… Continue Reading

Working With a Financial Expert

Posted in Financial Expert, Litigation
As of December 1, 2010, a revised Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure no longer mandates full disclosure of draft expert reports. One anticipated plus of this extension of the work-product protection to the expert is a smoother process. Importantly, the use of a financial expert early on offers another route to… Continue Reading