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Good Risk Governance Pays

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Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons Showcase Math Genius in New Film

Posted in Fun, Investment Management
If you get a chance to view “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” go for it. Award-winning actors abound in this tale of math wits at Cambridge University who contributed dozens of important ideas that are still being used in business and science. Dev Patel, stars as the self-taught math genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan, who rose from poverty to team with… Continue Reading

Political Misdeeds May Get Its Own Museum

Posted in Fun
Here is a hat tip to the FCPA blog for informing readers that musician and professor Bruce Roter is seeking donations to fund a Museum of Political Corruption in upstate New York. According to the website for this new venture, the goal is to provide education and entertainment about public office ethics and what has… Continue Reading

Money and the Movies

Posted in Fun
One of my favorites activities at the end of every year is to see movies that are put on hold until the holiday season, in anticipation of large audiences and box office mojo. While there is never a shortage of Hollywood tent poles around this time, I found myself asking if a common theme in… Continue Reading