Good Risk Governance Pays

Good Risk Governance Pays

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Fake News, Plagiarism and Business Ethics

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If you are a consumer of factual information, your head is probably spinning from the fast-paced discussions about what constitutes real news versus fake news. Not being a journalist, I’ll leave questions about a reporter’s obligations to the media industry’s standard-setters. That said, I can and do vote with my dollars. If I sense that an article or broadcast reflects shoddy… Continue Reading

Ethics and Leadership

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Although I was excited to dine with friends this weekend, I have since been haunted by comments made by the husband of the other couple about ethics and leadership. His take is that there are few people today who command respect, adding that the “me first” focus is unlikely to change any time soon. I know we broke the rule… Continue Reading

Wall Street Ethics

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I’ve been waiting to see Equity since I read about the project a few months ago. I like films about business and this one has received lots of attention because it is written, produced and directed by women. The story about taking a technology company public was interesting enough and the sub-plot about life in the Wall Street fast… Continue Reading