Good Risk Governance Pays

Good Risk Governance Pays

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Fake News, Plagiarism and Business Ethics

Posted in Disclosure and Transparency, Ethics, Investment Management, Non-Profits, Risk Management, Trading
If you are a consumer of factual information, your head is probably spinning from the fast-paced discussions about what constitutes real news versus fake news. Not being a journalist, I’ll leave questions about a reporter’s obligations to the media industry’s standard-setters. That said, I can and do vote with my dollars. If I sense that an article or broadcast reflects shoddy… Continue Reading

New York City Comptroller Urges New Fiduciary Rules

Posted in Broker Dealers, Compliance, Fiduciary Liability, Investment Management
In a March 25, 2015 press release, Mr. Scott M. Stringer laid bare the details of his plan to “enact a state law requiring that financial advisors disclose whether they put their own financial interests above those of their clients.” In support of his desire for an expanded fiduciary standard to be implemented across the… Continue Reading

Investment Advisers Sanctioned

Posted in Compliance, Disclosure and Transparency, Financial Reporting, Governance, Regulation
Here is a hat tip to the professionals at CounselWorks LLC for pointing out the news item regarding sanctions against several investment advisory firms by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). In their October 23, 2013 press release, the SEC described a failure to correct deficiencies as the reason for punitive action. Problems that… Continue Reading

QPAM and INHAM Compliance Audit Information For Hedge Funds

Posted in Compliance, ERISA, Governance, Hedge Fund
If you missed the September 10, 2013 webinar entitled “ERISA Assets: QPAM and INHAM Audit Legal Requirements and Best Practices – Navigating DOL Rules for Pension Asset Management Compliance,” click to access the slides. Produced as a Strafford Continuing Legal Education webinar and featuring ERISA attorney Howard Seyfarth, auditor Virginia Bartlett and investment compliance expert… Continue Reading

Investment Fraud Early Warning Signs

Posted in Compliance, Disclosure and Transparency, Financial Crisis, Hedge Fund, Liquidity, Private Equity, Risk Management
My comments on April 3 about investment fraud and risk governance struck a chord. As a co-presenter for “Going Beyond the Essential Background Checks: Accessing Crucial Information About the Management Team, Board of Directors, the Economics for the Team and the Succession of the Investment Staff,” 4th Annual Due Diligence & On-Going Monitoring of Alternative Investments Summit,… Continue Reading

ERISA Pension Plans: Due Diligence for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds

Posted in Compliance, ERISA, Fees, Financial Expert, Fraud, Governance, Hedge Fund, Litigation, Pension, Private Equity, Risk Management, Valuation
Join me on May 1, 2012 for a timely and interesting program about alternative investment fund due diligence and other considerations for ERISA plan sponsors, their counsel and consultants. Click here for more information. This CLE webinar will provide ERISA and asset management counsel with a review of effective due diligence practices by institutional investors. Best practices… Continue Reading

Background Checks and Key Person Risk, Post Madoff

Posted in Compliance
As problems mount during these difficult economic times and lessons are learned from the scandal du jour and the lawsuits making their way through the legal pipeline, one thing is clear. Unearthing information about the individuals who control billions of dollars is fast becoming a critical element of doing one’s homework. It’s not that background checks are more important than before. To the contrary, investigations… Continue Reading