Good Risk Governance Pays

Good Risk Governance Pays

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The Risk Of Taking Low Maintenance Customers For Granted

Posted in Customer Service, Risk Management
Treating customers poorly makes little sense, assuming a company considers them profitable and wants them to stay. The logic is straightforward. A diversified steady (or better yet growing) source of sales revenue enhances enterprise value and lowers business risk. Yet many organizations still struggle with all things customer service from (1) determining what buyers should receive for their money (2) calculating metrics… Continue Reading

Attorneys Can Help to Correct Corporate Compliance Missteps

Posted in Compliance, Ethics, Investment Management
Inside Counsel recently published an interesting article about how best to create and implement compliance procedures. In its October 2013 issue, “Running The Risk: Mistakes and Realities of Implementing and Executing Effective Compliance Programs,” writer Melissa Maleske explains that a company can spend money and time to put in place what are thought to be fail-safe initiatives… Continue Reading

Prioritizing Risk Management

Posted in Risk Management
I recently had the pleasure of contributing an article about the importance of risk management and service provider due diligence to The Glass Hammer website. For those who are not familiar with the group, check out to learn about this award-winning blog and online community created for women executives in finance, law, technology and… Continue Reading

Risk Management Survey Says More Work Is Needed

Posted in Compliance, Derivatives, Disclosure and Transparency, Financial Reporting, Model Risk, Risk Management
After the last few years, it seemed that risk managers were finally getting their due respect. Alas, a new survey suggests that more work remains to be done. According to “Too good to fail? New challenges for risk management in financial services” by Rob Mitchell with the Economist Intelligence Unit, “Inculcating and embedding a stronger… Continue Reading